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This journal was created by buggos1056, as a place to post all the graphics I make, which could be anything from icons, to headers, banners, or wallpapers. I like to make graphics in my spare time, and you reap the benifits. I dont ask a lot in return, just a few simple rules to follow. You do as such and things will be fine.

Rules are simple:
[x] Credit is nice, not demanded on ICONS, all other graphics please credit in user info. Should you decide to credit me for an icon, please do so in keywords.
[x] Do not hotlink ANY of my graphics, or you will be banned.
[x] Do not claim my graphics as your own or redistribute them
[x] Comment if taking anything, because I am a comment junkie and need them like I need Caffine or air.

thanks! enjoy.

and feedback is always nice... positive or negative, i like to know what to keep making and what to change.....

our affilates

- Great graphics by the wonderful theatresphynx
- The oh so talented myownsatellite's creations
- Amazing icons by lovesjaydog
great-scot.net - Graphics by loopybunny

brushes used

All Brush Credits are located HERE

Layout Coding - roniabirk's Robber's Daughter Layout